Xtreme Gardening RT8100 8100 Tea Brews 80 gm Packs 10/ct, 80gm

Xtreme Gardening RT8100 8100 Tea Brews 80 gm Packs 10/ct, 80gm

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Brand: Xtreme Gardening


  • An Easy To Use, Easy To Brew Blend Of Organic Matter That Is Packed Full Of Healthy Soil Microbes
  • With This Brew, The Entire Microbial Matrix Begins To Work In Concert To Optimize Plant Growth
  • 10 Count, 80G Bags
  • No Assembly Required

Publisher: Xtreme Gardening

Details: XTREME TEA BREWS are an easy to use, easy to brew blend of organic matter that is packed full of healthy soil microbes. With the beneficial microorganisms present in Xtreme Tea Brews, organic fertilizers can be fully harnessed and delivered to plants with unparalleled "natural efficiency." The beneficial microbes work in symbiosis with plants, to break down carbon-dense compounds, release nutrients in plant available forms and help shield plant roots from pathogens and disease. When these beneficial organisms are returned to the soil, the entire microbial matrix begins to work in concert to optimize plant growth. The success of crop development also benefits all the beneficial microbes that are involved in the process. It's a "Win-Win" relationship. Mother Nature has been evolving and perfecting her growing methods for over 450 million years. Xtreme Tea Brews work with nature, instead of against her, to deliver the Xtreme Results you've been looking for.

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.1 x 3.4 inches