Ultimate PK (5 Liter) Mills Nutrients

Ultimate PK (5 Liter) Mills Nutrients

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Brand: Mills Nutrients


  • Bloom Booster last 2-4 weeks of bloom
  • Promotes Ripening of Fruit
  • Fortifies Cell Structure
  • Flavor and Aroma enhancer
  • Mills pays the Bills

Publisher: Mills Nutrients

Details: ULTIMATE PK is a powerful heavy weight bloom booster designed to be used the last 2 to 4 weeks of the flowering stage. The superior composition of ULTIMATE PK provides the plant with all the nutrient needed during ripening for more abundant fruit set, hard cell structure and the best possible flavor and aroma. ULTIMATE PK is responsible for: Larger and harder fruit and flowers with the best possible aroma and flavor. Use at 8 ml per 1 Gallonthe last 2-4 weeks for the bloom stage (Discontinue use of C4 when ULTIMATE PK is introduced). ULTIMATE PK is the "ultimate" bloom booster on the market today! Compatible with all growing medium and watering meathods. Ultimate PK is ideal for the later stages of flowering, as it is Phosphite-based and therefore increases oxygen flow to the root. The Phosphite is readily soluble and this helps to stimulate root growth as well as harden cell structure. Following extensive scientific research into what nutrients are needed to produce a successful harvest, Ultimate PK was created. It works quickly to increase the production of essential oils, which help to enrich your plants flavour and aromas, and acts as a hardener and ripener for your plants. When in flowering mode, higher levels of phosphorous and potassium are needed to develop stronger, larger, and harder fruits. Using Ultimate PK increases those levels, which leads to an increased yield. It uses clean and super soluble mineral salts, and it also stops any final stage diseases from destroying your crop. This fantastic PK booster is compatible with all growing mediums. Ultimate PK is to be used in the last 2-4 weeks of flowering, at 2ml per litre. It must be kept at room temperature, and make sure that you do not allow it to freeze or else it you will ruin the boosters ability to work efficiently.

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