5 to 10 Gallon per week package

5 to 10 Gallon per week package
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Price: $235.99
Product ID : 883
Manufacturer: House & Garden / Van de Zwaan
Weight: 15.00 lbs



House & Garden

Tired of having to re-order some nutrient or additive half way through a harvest?  We have pre-calculated the amount of nutrient needed to get you through an entire grow without having to re-order. In fact, the only part of this package you will need to replace after your first harvest is the base nutrient, everything else will last at least 2 grows.  Calculations for this package are for a garden utilizing 5-10 gallons of nutrient solution per week.  Detailed instructions included.

Package includes:

  • Media Specific  A & B Base Nutrient 1L (Aqua Flakes, Soil, Cocos, Hydro)
  • Bud XL 1L
  • MutiZen 1L
  • Top Booster 500mL
  • Roots Excelurator 250mL
  • Shooting Powder 1 Sachets
  • Drip Clean 250mL
  • Magic Green 250 mL

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