Coco Peat, 50L Bags

Coco Peat, 50L Bags
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Manufacturer: Cash Crop / Dutch Glory
Weight: 50.00 lbs



Cash Crop cocopeat is a natural organic fibre derived from the coconut husk . The cocopeat has been treated and aged precisely which prevents it from compacting or decomposing during use. Cash Crop cocopeat is RHP certified for horticulture , the Dutch standard for professional media . The RHP mark is a guarantee for reliability , safety and quality .Our cocopeat has been washed to remove all salts and buffered with a special blend of nutrient which prevents Calcium and Magnesium block out . This ensures a healthy and high yielding crop and a quick response from cuttings and seedlings. Additionally, our cocopeat contains trichaderma mould which is a natural root stimulator, and protector from root disease. Cash Crop cocopeat has superior air , water and nutrient holding capacity compared to soil , rockwool , clay and perlite. Its able to hold 7 times its own weight in water and has a air porosity of 30%.

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